Monday, 28 November 2016

Probability with James

In James maths group we had to make a post about probability, so let's get right into it!
First thing you needed know about probability, it means chance. There. I'm done. Go do something else. Because this is over. Bye! Nah just kidding, I'll keep on going. So yeah, it means chance, like the probability of rolling a 4, 5 or 6 on a dice is 50% or a 3/6 chance. This can be used for gambling (even though you shouldn't do that) or you can use it teach maths (like my maths teacher). We record probability with percentages, ratios and fractions. And the probability of you leaving this post is 90% chance.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Nics Persuasive writing group

In Nic's writing group we are making posters, trying to persuade people to buy a useless item. We also had to focus on using the rule of thirds which I tried to do my best at. My product is the P.E.N (Practically Entirely Nonsupportive pen). The P.E.N is a cyborg pen that destroys all or saves all... well... that's... a... bit of a overstatement... as you will see

We were also focusing on persuasive writing trying to convince someone to believe something they didn't believe. I was trying to convince someone that the children should be see and not heard phrase was incorrect:

Children should be seen and not heard!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA no. Look, if that's true then we can not talk till we are 18, which also means their parents might bother teaching their kids to speak. How would kids express their emotions?!?  In writing!?!  I bet YOU talked as a kid! Why can't we just speak like the adults!?! *sigh* Fine, have it your way, I won't talk...................................... Happy? And here, I rest my case, Children should be seen AND heard.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

P.A.T Maths test results

Just today in James's math group we found out the results for our P.A.T (Progressive Achievement Test of mathematics) test. The P.A.T test is based off of Stanines and I got stanine nine. In the end I only got one question wrong (Question 29: Find an area in unit squares). Tomorrow I will be doing a P.A.T test TWO YEARS above my year level and I can't wait for the results!

PREP market day

Description: For the last term or so we have been getting ready for market day which we called PREP (sorry forgot what it stands for). Every group (which ranges from a group of 3 to a whole class) has to make their own product, we were going to make a coding game but then we reconsidered and decided to make slingshots

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Art Portfolio post

Description: In Poutama we have made a self portrait of ourselves and in the background it shows some things that relate to us somehow. It took me AGES to do it and I now have to post it for Home led conference. I really like this art

Bottom Left: Taekwondo Yellow Belt

Bottom Right: Piano Keys

Left of the middle: My Brain waves

Right to the middle: A books Pages

Top: My Family as Koru


Feedback/Feedforward:I like how you told us about where they are and what they are but maybe you could tell us more about what you did. Maya 

Evaluation: I Really think that I did well but next time I need to speed up the process.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Risk action plan

Description: in Poutama Some year 6's from school are doing this risk taking thing we chose a risk to do something like putting your hand in the mystery box or reading a challenging book. I chose taking a lead role in a setting as I usually get under pressure when everyone is looking at me. We had to do the risk while trying to help with the risk


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Nic's writing group

Description: In Poutama we all get divided up into 3 writing groups, Nic's: Planning  Troy's: Words Elly's: Sentences. I'm in Nic's as you can see from the title. We have focusing a lot on the planning before we made the actual thing. We have to plan the Orientation, Problem, Climax and Resolution.

Here is a sneak peak of what I've been writing out of Nic's writing group:

                                                             THE DREAMSTATE 

“What the?!?” Michael Hurrin thought that he could write a diary and fill it up with just HALF of the weird stuff that's happened in his life. He wanted to run away screaming but like always his curiosity overcame him. He walked slowly on what was seemingly solid air, looking around at some white cloudy substance that was approaching him. He started to run towards it, eager to find out what it was. But he didn't get to. Suddenly, there was no more solid air anymore. Just normal, regular air. So he fell (obviously) and landed round, dark, empty room with a roof, which didn't make sense as he just fell into it. Suddenly, a man's loud and echoing voice filled the room “Welcome, Michael Hurrin, to the Dreamstate”.


Mathex Portfolio Post

Description: Last week a select group of kids were chosen to be part of an event called Mathex. The kids are chosen by how smart they are and/or good at working in a team. Mathex is about collaborating to solve strategic and quick fire. We have had four weeks of practice, each day for about an hour and a quarter.

Image: Link 

Feedback/feedforward: Good work Patrick hopefully next time you acheive your goal. Toby

Evaluation: I improved on the strategic questions even though I still find them hard. I should work on quick fire because I seem to not be as good as strategic questions.

Bookapedia book buddies

Description: In Poutama we have done a thing called book buddies every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Book buddies is a thing where you pair up with someone and read the same book then compare what you think of things in it (or do tasks about it). In my group we are reading The name at the end of the ladder. In our group we have Toby, Jamie and I. 

Image: Link

Feedback/feedforward:I like the way that you kept track of what you were doing.
Next time you can talk to Toby about slowing down on the book. Shaiv

Evaluation: Thanks Shaiv! Yes, I do think I should slow down the book and I usually read quite fast so I miss the details. Even though it looked like I was keeping track it took a long time and took a lot of time to get used to. I need to improve on analysing.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

KapaHaka live peformance

Description: In school we can choose between Te Reo or Kapahaka and I chose kapahaka as you can tell from the title. Fast forward to around now, we were deciding to go to the Northern Cluster festival. The Northern Cluster is all the schools in the Northern part of the town. We had to perform 3 songs including a parody of Hall Of Fame called Panekiretanga e. We performed at our school and at the regent. Though we made a few mistakes I came out happy.


The Night:

At School:

Feedback/feedforward: I liked your good desciption but you you need to improve on confidence. By Eilat

Monday, 29 August 2016

Kapa haka Portfolio sample

Description: On Mondays we either go do Kapa haka or practice E Te Reo and I choose kapa haka. We have been practicing for going to Pae Tamariki where we compete against other schools in Palmerston North. We are going to sing every Māori song we have learnt in the last two terms.


Feedback/Feedforward: I think you have done really well but you can do more in the description. Toby 

Evaluation: Sorry Toby, but I disagree. I don't think there was anything else to say ( Or my brain is turning to mush, it happens when I'm writing blog posts, sorry) I think I have to focus on practicing on some words in the last song as I haven't gotten it perfect, I think I did quite well on the song Wairua. We also have to answer questions

Q1:What is the hardest part about Kapa Haka and why?
A1: Remembering the words because I only started Kapa Haka last term so I don't remember the words off by heart.

Q2: Why do you think others should join Kapa Haka?
A2: Because it's a good way to discover a new language, by singing it.

Q3: What are you most looking forward to about Pae Tamariki next week and why?
A1: I am looking forward to meeting the crowd because  for some reason I am not scared of all the people staring down/up at me. I just don't want to be embarrassed by others being silly.

Make sure to look at my other posts! Thanks for reading,Patrick 

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Interschool Cross country portfolio sample

DescriptionIn normal cross country I came in the top five out of the year 5s in our whole school which meant I had to go to Interschool cross country. That also meant that I raced against 120 year five boys in the Manawatu. I ended up coming 69th and the best win we got was from Jonty Kells who came second out of every year six boy in the Manawatu. The track was MUDDY, and when I say MUDDY I mean REALLY MUDDY and when I say... Well, you know what I mean.

Image: Link to Photos

Feedback/Feedforward:i love how you had comade in your post hope I was not to muddy and wow you came 69 out of 120 wow but Mabel you could say some more about interschool #maya:)

Evaluation: Thanks Maya but I don't think that there was much else to say but I do not think I have to preserve my energy and also to cheer people on after I have finished my race.

Feel free to look at my other posts. Thanks, Patrick

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Maths algebra 29/6/16

This week in maths we're focusing on algebra where we have to make a story out of the maths(to be honest, I don't really understand that) and I've made some acronyms for it: Q.A.B/Q.A Means Question Answer Before e.g answer to Question repeated 3 times, M means the amount of matchsticks in the end. We had to solve how to say matchstick problems mathematically (trust me... It's REALLY tricky!). Sadly... I found out my strategies didn't work... Here are some photos of the scrapped answers


Monday, 27 June 2016

Maths portfolio sample

Description: In James' maths group a few weeks ago we were focusing on fractions and James shared us with a fraction checkpoint. A fraction checkpoint is something that helps you practice all your subjects. Every 2 Questions there were different subjects like solving problems with fractions and to solve the non-unit of a set.


Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did good but next time you could crop your image. Angus

Evaluation: Thanks Angus! Yes I should've cropped my image but this was last minute. There might be a few problems but all in all I think I did well!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Coding portfolio sample

Description: In Poutama a few people chose to be part of code club. In code club we either use the app scratch or Python which are coding apps. We have been trying to make a maths game for the whole school to use. This one I was trying to make a multiplication game and I'm happy to say it was successful. I used the app scratch which helps you with learning about coding.

Feedback/Feedforward: I like how you explained what your doing but maybe you could tell us about the diffulculty of this game. Houston

Evaluation: Thanks Houston! Yes, that is something I probably should have done but apart from that I think I did pretty good!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Goals for X country

Today we are doing cross country in Skoglan park and my goal is to get to interschool by breathing in with my nose and breathing out with my mouth. My other goal is to beat Toby Rea because he is FAST. I shall try and beat him the way I try to get to interschool.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Bookapedia research skills portfolio sample

 Title: Skimming and Scanning 
W.A.L.T: create criteria to evaluate sources

The invisible train : In Bookapedia we studied an article about the invisible train. It was about a train that is presumed to be made by 2018. The train is supposed to be able to go so fast that you won't be able to see it at all. We were asked to look quickly to find different facts about the article.

Title: Summarising
W.A.L.T: Persist to find information to gain a wider perspective

TITLE: You wouldn't want be a...

I wouldn't want to be a Roman Gladiator because I know from Astrix books that the Roman Gladiators have to fight hordes of Lions

Feedback/Feedforward: you have done really well I think next time you could do more skills because you only have two. Toby

Evaluation: Thanks for your feedback and feedforward but can you comment on how I did my W.A.L.Ts please because I'm I don't know if I did them very well. I really need a second opinion. I think this term I  usually leave things to the last minute/day (that's why my one word is BALANCE) but when I'm finished its usually up to a good enough standard. I think I've improved in finding good websites (halfly because of, never touch any link on that website, kids!), I also have gotten good at finding the sources that give the most information (thanks Mum and Dad!)

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Science portfolio post

Description: For science in R14 we have been focusing on Weather. We had to choose what type of weather we wanted to focus on. I chose to study tornados.

We then chose what experiments we wanted to make and I decided that I would make a tornado in a bottle.

A tornado appears after a a supercell storm when all the condensation made by the storm makes hot air. The hot air rises and if there's a lot of moisture when all these things happen it makes a funnel cloud, when that touches ground it's a tornado.
Here is my videos:

This explains a bit more of the science behind a Tornado:
Feedback/feedforward:I like the way that you show a closer video about how does the tornadoe works. Next time you can do it not so closely. Shaiv

Evaluation: Thanks Shaiv! I put the bottles so close to the camera so its easier to see the tornado form. Apart from that, I think its alright.

Feel free to leave a comment!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Two little O's and away I go

When the year sixs do Japanese the year fives learn how to boost their creativity. One task was to use O's to make things (that didn't include faces because they were too easy).

I chose to make the Poutama sort of symbol thing. Au in māori is yourself, mātou: school, Tātou: outside school or the whole world. Here is what I did:

Evaluation: I think I did good because I thought outside the box.